PMP Limited Property Consolidation Review

Client: PMP Limited
Scope overview: Review options and advise on the consolidation of two printing facilities onto one site
Facility: Magazine, retail catalogue and directory printing facilities

Project Description

Property options analysis assists board of PMP Limited


PMP Limited is Australia’s largest printing business and market leader in the magazine, retail catalogue and directory market segments and operates multiple sites around Australia.


When the company was planning to consolidate two of its printing facilities on one site, it sought a review of its options and professional advice from Wiley.


  • Making fair comparison between two options: developing a greenfield site or redeveloping an existing.



  • Greenfield development option:
    • A review of PMP requirements and compilation of a detailed project brief
    • An efficient design layout based on the project brief
    • A building budget cost report
    • Advice on minimum site requirements
    • Site visits to review suitability


  • Existing site redevelopment option:
    • A review of the existing facilities
    • Design options for expansion to satisfy the project brief
    • A building budget cost report


  • A redevelopment program for staging the expansion.


Wiley delivered a comprehensive consolidation review of the company’s two property options which allowed the board of PMP Limited to make informed decisions about the property consolidation and potential cost savings.