Who am I: Design Cadet

I am Ellery, a cool, calm and collected Design cadet who rarely says “no” to any adventure, opportunity or challenge thrown my way.


Financially I have a whole in my pocket due to an intense travel addiction that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I love music, cinema and anything involving the Ocean. I spend my mornings before work dipping up and down the coastline in search of a good spot to jump out and catch a few waves, but if there isn’t any waves I like to occasionally jump out of planes.


Unlike some, I love change and consider myself a catalyst for it, I often ask “why not” when an objection presents itself and what I design holds that same Principle. I love learning about processes that tend to be taken for granted  and would love to achieve one day building and creating a design to change the way people use, define and see things.


So If you ever need travel tips (more like “what not to do’s) or simply need a hand I am always eager to help out.